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June 28, 2018 by
Tron : Super Representatives who are elected until now

Tron Super Representative election started slowly since June 26 and reportedly, two of 27 Super Representatives have already been elected and are producing blocks.

According to Cryptovest report, cryptodiva and skypeople groups have already taken in hundreds of blocks. In a slow pace, the elections are continuing. The report suggests that the Tron tokens are still locked in the exchanges or are unclaimed, and the voting is hampered.

According to Medium Post, the first community node which generated blocks is CryptoDiva. It is based on the CryptoDiva Foundation and offers financial services for the blockchain capital market. Ali, a young bestseller writer, who was a lecturer and trainer of New Oriental Group was the co-founder of CryptoDiva.

Reportedly, 27 super representatives will be elected out of 100 candidates, with the number of votes being updated every 6 hours. The elected Super Representatives will be playing a major role in the governance structure of the firm. They’ll be representing the people’s will and they’ll be acting as guardians of the Tron network.

TRX price remains stagnant at $0.038. In the last seven days, it went down by over 22 %, and volumes reduced to $87 million. It is to be noted, both trading and transactions freeze during the transition period. The pornography industry showed interest in Tron. It has been announced that Pornhub will be accepting the cryptocurrency as the payment option. For those aren’t aware, Pornhub is one of the biggest pornographic-video sites in the world and expanding its cryptocurrency-payment options. They are even adding ZenCash cryptocurrency as a payment option.

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