Ripple CEO speaks on Bitcoin scalability challenges, cross-border payments & more

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September 3, 2018 by
Ripple CEO speaks on Bitcoin scalability challenges, cross-border payments & more

Ripple Chief Executive Officer, Brad Garlinghouse, mentioned existing financial system, current state of cross-border payments as well as Bitcoin  scalability difficulties. The discussions took place on the Stanford Legal podcast.

Garlinghouse while taking about cross-border repayments, he stated how base layer development can reduce the price associated with it. He said, “That takes some time as well as friction and also any kind of sort of discuss friction is its expense. If we do it a lot more successfully, we can accelerate the worldwide industries that we’re discussing.”

Although we stay in a world that is 3 years into the Web, Garlinghouse claimed that it is “remarkable” that great deals of transaction-based technologies have a central counterparty. He additionally adds claiming, “That takes time and also rubbing and also any type of kind of discuss rubbing is its cost. If we do it much more effectively, we can speed up the global markets that we’re talking about.”

Just how’ Ripple attempting to fix the problem?
Garlinghouse claimed, “… we sell modern technologies to banks that will certainly allow them link that we call RippleNet which enables them to do cross-border payments in real-time at extremely very cost-effective charges.”

Surge Chief Executive Officer on Bitcoin scalability challenges
There has been a great deal of confusion pertaining to Ripple & XRP, so, Garlinghouse clarified the exact use XRP by Ripple. While mentioning it he claimed Surge Labs develop modern technologies on top of the XRP Ledger. He mentioned, “A few of our products are constructed a hundred percent making use of XRP, and also some have nothing to do with XRP. You might use Bitcoin for some of the items we offer. The trouble is, Bitcoin has some major scalability difficulties.”

He better described his point with an example of getting a cup of coffee with Bitcoin. The transaction itself sets you back around $1.8 which indicates it would effectively double the cost of the coffee itself. In addition, the purchase process is time consuming and would only occur after 45 mins or so.

He admits, “I am directly long on Bitcoin. I’m not aiming to slam Bitcoin. I believe Bitcoin is not going to be a panacea that some individuals thought it would certainly be for many different kinds of transactions and instead you’re seeing concentrate on type of use situation dynamics for various kinds of deals.”

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